A mantra that sticks with me, and has done since I first heard it is

“The meaning of life is living a life of meaning”

and it is that mantra that made me want to dedicate my life to making a difference environmentally. Through Tree Planting and education I hope to help create a better world that I can leave to my children one day.

One of the easiest ways to fight global warming and help clean the very air we breath is to plant trees. That is why my main focus is fundraising for various tree planting projects around the world.

My first target is 300 trees per month which will average at 1 acre of forest planted.

How can you help? Please ‘Pledge To Plant’ what you can towards my goal using the form on this page. Together we can change the world!

Over 858 Trees Planted So Far!

Not only does 1 tree sequester on average 1 ton of carbon dioxide in the first 40 years, they also provide food, shelter, fuel, a home for wildlife and even create higher precipitation which means more rain in areas which really need it.

In the UK the average persons carbon footprint is around 7 tons. So if you want to offset your carbon footprint you would need to plant a very minimum of 7 trees per year. That is based on carbon sequestration of 1 ton over the first 40 years of the tree. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee they will all live the full 40 years (although I am very select in my projects to avoid risk), so I recommend planting more to be sure. Best case they all survive and we have planted many more.

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Where do we plant?

So you have pledged to plant trees through me? You are probably wondering where I plant? Well I work with various not-for-profit companies, charities and communities around the world and aim to support as many projects as possible over time.

The Previous project I supported was the Great Green Wall of Africa through OZG (See the video below). I am currently gifting money raised to Eden Reforestation Projects through my app Reforestt who plant highly effective carbon sequestrating mangrove trees in Madagascar.

How many trees should I plant?

To get a rough idea of how many trees you should plant to offset your carbon emmissions, please view the table below which includes key countries, carbon footprint per person and a recommended amount of trees to be planted.

  • Country
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • Spain
  • Thailand
  • CO2 per capita
  • 7.18 tons
  • 16.85 tons
  • 16.23 tons
  • 7.24 tons
  • 5.33 tons
  • 5.84 tons
  • 7.97 tons
  • 7.08 tons
  • 5.82 tons
  • 4.56 tons
  • Min. trees to plant
  • 1 p/m or 8+ yearly
  • 2 p/m or 17+ yearly
  • 2 p/m or 17+ yearly
  • 1 p/m or 8+ yearly
  • 1 p/m or 6+ yearly
  • 1 p/m or 6+ yearly
  • 1 p/m or 8+ yearly
  • 1 p/m or 8+ yearly
  • 1 p/m or 6+ yearly
  • 1 p/m or 5+ yearly

Carbon footprint per capita, per country based on figures by the UN Statistics Division – https://mdgs.un.org/unsd/mdg/SeriesDetail.aspx?srid=751